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Moving Toward Healthier Conflict in the Workplace

by David Pultorak

This course is for leaders looking to move the teams and organizations they manage towards healthier conflict. It will teach you tips and strategies for fostering positive ways of handling conflicts that inevitably arise in your work environment.

What you'll learn

Workplace conflict is inevitable and essential to overcome. In this course, Moving Toward Healthier Conflict in the Workplace, you’ll learn tips and strategies for fostering positive ways of handling conflicts that inevitably arise in your workplace. First, you’ll explore how to foster confidence and workplace solution initiation skills. Next, you’ll discover how to analyze your work environment for signs of unhealthiness and hostility and how to apply yourself to matching conflict situations to the kind of intervention they need. Then, you’ll find out how to assess how well leaders have solved or coped with their teams’ unhealthy conflict, and how to evaluate how well people have coped with unhealthy conflict. Finally, you’ll learn how to improve the level of workplace health through a cycle of analysis and action. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of moving towards healthier conflict in the workplace needed to foster positive ways of handling conflicts that inevitably arise in your work environment.

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Course Overview

Course FAQ

Why is it important to learn about healthy conflict in the workplace?

You should learn this topic because conflict is inevitable in any organization. Leaders like you can handle conflict well and even leverage it for learning and growth, and you can coach your team members to do the same. That's the virtuous cycle this course can help you and your team get into.

Why is a positive attitude important in the workplace?

Positive attitudes can make the work environment happy and a joy to be in. A positive attitude keeps everyone trying new things, feeling brave about brainstorming new ideas, and makes people feel excited to go to work with their co-workers.

What is healthy conflict resolution?

Healthy conflict is constructive conflict, the kind that stirs disagreement but doesn't encroach upon people's basic respect for one another. Perhaps the number one reason why conflict is healthy for relationships is that conflict signals a need for change, for both parties. Conflict provides an opportunity for making change, that is if both partners are up for it. Conflict gives you a chance to work on the problems in your relationship.

Why is it bad for leaders to avoid conflict?

When leaders avoid conflict it can cause communication to become strained, productivity can suffer, teamwork may diminish, and many other consequences.

What are the benefits of effectively resolving workplace conflicts?

Providing effective resolutions for workplace conflicts will increase performance, productivity and motivation. By investing time in developing a healthy workplace environment it may also improve employee retention, reduce stress, build team effectiveness, and have many other positive outcomes.

About the author

David Pultorak, ITIL® Expert, MCSE, MCT, MCP, is founder of Acceleres (2010), which provides training and certification to help individuals and organizations develop and demonstrate the critical capabilities required by digital enterprises, and Pultorak and Associates (2001), a US pioneer in ITIL® consulting, training and courseware. David is a recognized leader in the field of IT Service Management in general and for the application of ITSM for and with Microsoft products and technologies in pa... more

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