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Building Blockchains with Hyperledger

by Janani Ravi

Hyperledger is emerging as the umbrella platform for serious enterprise-grade users looking for a full suite of technologies which help them build their own blockchain networks and this course will help you understand when and how to use it.

What you'll learn

Hyperledger is an umbrella of blockchain frameworks and tools which has frameworks that have been explicitly tailored to meet many of the common uses of blockchain in the real world.

In this course, Building Blockchains with Hyperledger, you will learn how different enterprise-grade blockchains work, their strengths and weaknesses, and specific use cases for each framework.

First, you will see an introduction to the Hyperledger umbrella of frameworks and tools where a consortium of different industries have come together to develop frameworks specific to their use cases.

Next, you will explore how you can bring up and work with the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network which pays particular attention to the security needs of enterprises. You'll learn the Fabric transaction lifecycle and the consensus algorithm which separates endorsing peers from committing peers.

You'll then move on to working with the Hyperledger Iroha framework which has been designed to work with constrained environments such as mobile devices and also explore Hyperledger Sawtooth which can scale to very large networks. You'll get to see the transaction flow and consensus algorithms in both Iroha and Sawtooth, and how they differ from each other.

Finally, you'll be introduced to Hyperledger Cello, a tool currently in incubation, which has been built to make building and deploying blockchain networks easier than it is today.

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of how and when you would choose to use the Hyperledger suite of frameworks and tools and you will be able to build blockchains using these technologies.

About the author

Janani has a Masters degree from Stanford and worked for 7+ years at Google. She was one of the original engineers on Google Docs and holds 4 patents for its real-time collaborative editing framework. After spending years working in tech in the Bay Area, New York, and Singapore at companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Flipkart, Janani finally decided to combine her love for technology with her passion for teaching. She is now the co-founder of Loonycorn, a content studio focused on providing ... more

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