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Implementing and Performing Risk Management with ISO/IEC 27005

by Taylor Jones

Everything you do in information security is related to risk, and no matter your discipline, sharpening your ISRM skills will increase your value. This course will arm you with a practical risk framework and approach to prioritize and address risk.

What you'll learn

Information security is a broad discipline, and security teams are increasingly strapped for time and resources. In this course, Implementing and Performing Risk Management with ISO/IEC 27005, you will find a practical framework to prioritize and orchestrate a comprehensive information security risk framework. First, you will learn about the internationally accepted risk management standard ISO/IEC 27005. Next, you will arm yourself with skills to establish the business risk context, assess business risks, and perform risk treatment. Finally, you will be equipped with meaningful approaches to effectively communicate and monitor your organization's risk. When you're finished with this course, you will have the knowledge and blueprint to coordinate a widely accepted framework and to bolster your organization's information security program.

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About the author

Taylor Jones is a Data Security Officer and security enthusiast/evangelist who loves to teach. His primary focus is helping everyday business leaders and users jettison fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) as they work toward identifying and addressing their security risks. Leaning heavily on the fundamentals and time-tested best practices, Taylor is passionate about overcoming modern security challenges through meaningful solutions that reduce complexity and provide measurable risk reduction. He ... more

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