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Inside Strategies for Growing Your Userbase

by Jesse Stay

You've created your first app or website. Now what? In this course Jesse Stay shows you inside tips you can use to grow a userbase significantly for little to no money.

What you'll learn

Jesse Stay, author of this course, created his first app with visions of getting a lot of users and making a lot of money, only to get there and realize he didn't know what to do to get those users. This course follows Jesse's adventures to grow those users and shares many lesser-known secrets that give developers the advantage over marketers in promoting their apps. This course will teach you everything you need to know to promote your app and grow a userbase in the thousands to millions.

Table of contents

About the author

Jesse Stay is a speaker, author, blogger, and entrepreneur, who writes and consults on the topics of social media and new media architecture, bridging the gap between "technical" and "social" for both marketers and developers. Jesse has written four books -- his latest two, Facebook Application Development For Dummies, and the recently released Google+ For Dummies show the breadth of knowledge Jesse has to offer. Jesse was also named one of 20 developers to follow on Twitter and one of 10 entre... more

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