Internal Footprinting: Reconnaissance and Mapping

by Gus Khawaja

This course teaches you how to scan a LAN network using advanced Nmap techniques.

What you'll learn

Footprinting the LAN network is a big mystery for pentesters. In this course, Internal Footprinting: Reconnaissance and Mapping, you will learn the foundational knowledge of how to use Nmap to scan the LAN network like a boss. Also, you will gain the ability to take your Nmap scanning skills to the next level to get the job done efficiently. First, you will see how to identify live hosts. Next, you will discover how to identify the service version and get the operating system version accurately. Finally, you will explore how to automate your scanning tasks using Python for fast effective results. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of LAN Network footprinting needed in your career as a security professional.

About the author

Gus is an IT expert specialized in programming and security. He's a passionate blogger, geek, and loves what he's doing.

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