Introduce Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Prepare Microsoft Intune

by Greg Shields

Prepare your lab environment as you discover the architecture of Microsoft Intune and its relationship with Microsoft Endpoint Manager in this course.

What you'll learn

Microsoft's Intune platform is a full-featured and enterprise-ready solution for managing internal and external, as well as corporate- and personally-owned devices. For the broad range of possible device ownership and corresponding risk situations every modern company needs to be concerned about, Microsoft Intune delivers a flexible platform for protecting data and managing risk when you don't necessarily always have full control.

In this course, Introduce Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Prepare Microsoft Intune, you will first be introduced to the major topics to be discussed in this extensive learning path on Microsoft Intune. Next, you will explore deeply the details on how to build your own lab environment for following along. Finally, you will learn about Microsoft Intune's architecture and it's relationship with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. By the end of this course, you will be ready to jump into the the rest of this comprehensive Microsoft Intune learning path.

About the author

Greg Shields is Sr. Director of IT Ops Skills at Pluralsight and formerly Principal Author Evangelist. Reach him on Twitter @ConcentratdGreg.

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