Kubernetes Security: System Hardening

by Tapan Ghatalia

This course will teach you the security hardening concepts of Kubernetes cluster, how to secure microservices at scale and Ensure safety of the cluster from any security or third party violations

What you'll learn

Being a DevSecOps professional, it’s crucial to learn security hardening concepts. In this course, Kubernetes Security: System Hardening, you’ll learn to manage, secure, and controll microservices. First, you’ll explore Kubernetes and the administration of its cluster. Next, you’ll discover the security and IAM aspects of Kubernetes Cluster. Finally, you’ll learn how to incorporate security and system hardening network policies within Kubernetes. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Securing Applications in Kubernetes Cluster needed to run microservices securely with least possible privileges.

About the author

Tapan has over a decade of work experience in Business Intelligence, Product Management and Cloud Architecture and has excellent command over languages like Python, Go and Scala. He has worked extensively in Data Analytics and with tools like Thoughtspot and Tableau. He has a deep interest in Quantum Computing and Quantum Mechanics leading him to work considerably on Quantum Computing libraries such as Qiskit and Cirq.

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