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Sep 14, 2015
2h 37m

In this NUKE tutorial, we will discuss the steps required to composite a pre-rendered visual effects element into a live-action background plate. We will discuss various integration techniques including how to correctly match VFX elements to the BG plate, warping of the VFX element for subtle artist changes, proper color-correction techniques, as well as additional paint-out techniques. Learning how to composite VFX elements into a scene is a standard expectation in the compositing world. The techniques shown within this course will allow the viewer to achieve a better understanding in how to deal with CG-based elements which would be required to properly mesh into a live-action plate. Software required: NUKE 8 and Photoshop CS4.

About the author
About the author

Sean has worked as a Senior Digital Compositor for feature film visual effects studios such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Technicolor, Rhythm & Hues, and many others.

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