Managing Microsoft Desktops: Managing and Protecting Devices

by Glenn Weadock

Managing Windows 10 devices today means leveraging cloud-based tools such as Microsoft Intune. Today’s Windows 10 administrator must understand how to enroll, inventory, secure, and monitor Intune clients alongside traditional desktops.

What you'll learn

Managing Windows 10 devices over time involves enrolling them into a management ecosystem, protecting them from the many possible sources of both intentional and unintentional harm, and monitoring them on an ongoing basis for both security and stability. In this course, Managing Microsoft Desktops: Managing and Protecting Devices, you will gain the ability to enroll, protect, and monitor Windows 10 devices with both LAN-based and cloud-based utilities. First, you will learn about all the methods – automatic and manual – for enrolling devices into Microsoft’s MDM solution, Intune. Next, you will discover how to protect those devices with the many security components that Microsoft has branded with the Windows Defender label, using settings that can be made locally or through corporate management tools. Finally, you will explore ways to keep tabs on Windows 10 systems by using Device Health analytics, the Azure and Defender Security Centers, and Intune security baselines. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to enroll, secure, and monitor Windows 10 devices with both on-premises and cloud-based tools. This course aligns with the learning objectives for the new MD-101 exam to obtain certification as a Modern Desktop Administrator Associate.

About the author

Glenn is President of Independent Software Inc., a Denver IT consultancy. He has been teaching advanced computer seminars around the world since 1988. He developed official Server 2008 courseware for Microsoft. Glenn has written 18 commercial books for McGraw-Hill, Wiley, IDG and Sybex. He is also a sought-after expert witness.

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