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Designing an API Management Strategy for Microsoft Azure

by Reza Salehi

Enhance your existing APIs by adding authentication, bandwidth quota, IP filtering, and much more. Learn to create API stores and expose Service Fabric microservices and Azure Functions to internal and external clients utilizing Azure API Management.

What you'll learn

APIs are one of the most, if not the most, vital block of every modern application build. In this course, Designing an API Management Strategy for Microsoft Azure, you will gain the ability to enhance your existing APIs by using Microsoft Azure API Management (APIM) service. First, you will learn about the building blocks of an API Management instance. Next, you will discover how to use policies to make your APIs more secure and limit the clients to a fixed number of calls/bandwidth, IP and improve your API security. Finally, you will explore how to expose your Azure Function Apps and Service Fabric microservices to HTTP clients using APIM. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Azure API Management needed to easily create efficient API stores and provide the best experience to your API clients.

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About the author

Reza is a cloud consultant and a Microsoft Certified Trainer alumni. He started professional software development and training over two decades ago and is passionate about cloud technologies. Reza continues to help his clients moving to the cloud and loves to share his passion for the cloud with the developers and software architects through training.

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