Building Your First Data Science Project in Microsoft Azure

by Jared Rhodes

This course targets software developers looking to build data science solutions that can utilize the power of the cloud. The content will also showcase how to create those solutions using Microsoft Azure.

What you'll learn

The past five years have shown a boom in the data science field with advancements in hardware and cloud computing. In this course, Building Your First Data Science Project in Microsoft Azure, you will learn about data science and how to get started utilizing it in Microsoft Azure. First, you will learn the data science and the tools surrounding it. Next, you will discover how to create a development environment in Microsoft Azure. Finally, you will explore how to maintain and utilize that development environment. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of data science to build your first data science project in Microsoft Azure. Software required: Microsoft Azure

About the author

Jared Rhodes is a Microsoft MVP for Azure focusing on Edge, Mobile, Cloud, and AI trying to find the subsection and make them work together.

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