Microsoft Azure IoT Developer: Configure Health Monitoring

by Peter Gallagher

If you are continuing your way to passing the Microsoft AZ-220 IoT Developer exam, this course will cover how to configure health monitoring for Azure IoT Solutions.  

What you'll learn

Keeping devices and infrastructure running smoothly is key to a successful IoT Solution. ​In this course,​ Microsoft Azure IoT Developer: Configure Health Monitoring, ​you’ll learn to​ configure your Azure IoT Solution to monitor the health of the various services to keep your solution running smoothly. ​First, you’ll explore​ how to configure metrics in the IoT Hub. ​Next, you’ll discover​ how to set up diagnostic logs for the IoT Hub. ​Finally, you’ll learn how to​ query and visualize tracing using Azure Monitor. ​When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of​ configuring health monitoring ​needed to​ answer questions on this area of the AZ-220 IoT Developer Certification Exam. 

About the author

Pete Gallagher is a Freelance IT Consultant, Microsoft Azure MVP and owner of PJG Creations Ltd. He has been creating software for decades and is happy programming in just about any language. Pete has been involved in a wide span of tech in his many years of industry experience, including IoT Projects for; Royal Mail Stamp Vending before there was such a thing as modern IoT, Building Monitoring Systems, Internet Connected Self Service Kiosks and much more. He has presented all over the UK on a v... more

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