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ng-conf '19: Can You Imagine a Future Without Zones?

by ng-conf

Can you imagine a future without zones? | Maxim Koretskyi

What you'll learn

Ever since Angular came out, zone.js has been part of change detection. Although it has brought automatic change detection to Angular and simplified testing, it has also been a source of major confusions. With the new Ivy engine coming up, various other options are being considered. In this talk you’ll learn everything there’s to know about controlling change detection. I’ll start with the role of zones and then proceed to zone-less setups with manual and semi-automatic change detection control. I’ll also provide an explanation of trade-offs between each approach.

Angular team might mention something about zone.js briefly, but I don’t expect them to go into details of manual and semi-manual change detection control. This is what I intend to do – explain ins and outs.

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Can You Imagine a Future Without Zones?

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