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Performing OSINT Gathering on Employee Targets

by Jerod Brennen

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering applies to not only companies but to employees as well. This course will teach you how to gather various forms of employee OSINT, including historical, social, mobile, and physical information.

What you'll learn

As organizations focus their efforts on protecting their technical infrastructure, far too many leave their most vulnerable assets exposed to attack: their people. In this course, Performing OSINT Gathering on Employee Targets, you will gain the ability to gather and analyze OSINT related to an organization’s workforce members. First, you will learn useful tools and techniques for collecting employee OSINT. Next, you will analyze your data, extracting information that might hold value to an attacker. Finally, you will explore how to incorporate your findings into preparing social engineering attacks. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of employee OSINT gathering needed to conduct an effective, worthwhile penetration test, and to help the target organization better understand how to protect their employees.

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About the author

By day, Jerod is a Security Solutions Architect with One Identity. By night, he's a husband, father, writer, filmmaker, martial artist, musician, and gamer. I think it's fair to say that he's earned every gray hair in his beard, having spent his career fulfilling infosec roles in consulting, higher education, retail, and public utilities. Jerod likes to share what he's learned over the years with local and regional information security professional organizations, at larger information secu... more

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