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Cyber Security Awareness: Pairing Physical and Digital Security

by Jordan Scott

Defense in Depth is an easy way to discuss layers of security. The military strategy can be applied in both physical and digital realms. The integration of physical and digital security is what provides the most effective layered capabilities.

What you'll learn

Do you worry about how your physical security vulnerabilities might also weaken your digital security? If so this course is for you! First you'll learn why physical and digital security are so important. Next, you'll discover how to integrate the two securities before finishing up by looking at how to avoid complacency through good policy.

About the author

Mr. Jordan "Cancer" Scott has been a warfighter or supported warfighters for over a decade. As one of the first operational Army Electronic Warfare Officers since the Cold War, he has some gained some very unique experience. He has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering, is an open source/collaboration proponent, technology integrator, and proven innovator. His career has gained him additional experience in Global Positioning System, Missile Defense, Software Development, System of Systems ... more

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