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Play by Play: React and Falcor with Brian Holt

by Brian Holt and Geoffrey Grosenbach

Netflix’s front-end developer on the Playstation team shows you how to use React and Falcor.

What you'll learn

This is the future of client-side architecture. Together we will explore the latest in React best practices, how to integrate ES6 syntax using Webpack, and the novel concept of "binding to the cloud" using Netflix’s Falcor. Furthermore, you will be delighted by the simplicity of how this all fits together to make a very easy and pleasant architecture to work with.

About the authors

Brian Holt is presently the redditgifts front-end developer at reddit. This essentially means he gets paid to use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to help you connect to the world around you, gain deep and meaningful insight, and look at cat pictures for hours. When not saving the world one line of JavaScript at time, Brian loves to ski, mountain bike, run, and hang out with his wife and Havanese puppy. Brian is currently a resident of Salt Lake City, UT.

Geoffrey is VP of Open Source at Pluralsight. He founded PeepCode and has created numerous courses on Ruby, JavaScript and Shell. He commits code at

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