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Post Exploitation: Performing Infrastructure Analysis

by Rithwik Jayasimha

Everything that comes after the shell during a penetration test is called post exploitation. This course introduces post exploitation and performing infrastructure analysis through service and configuration enumeration in a compromised network.

What you'll learn

When engaged in a penetration test for a client, after you successfully breach the perimeter, you may find yourself asking 'What next?' What are the steps that you need to perform before you can close the penetration test? In this course, Post Exploitation: Performing Infrastructure Analysis, you'll learn how to gather information pertaining to the network configuration and network services using both inbuilt as well as custom tools. Next, you'll also learn the best practices to follow while in an engagement. Additionally, you'll learn how to identify all the services that the compromised host is running in order to utilize and exploit later while attempting to extract data from the host. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the knowledge to gather information about infrastructure from the whole network, but most importantly, you'll learn how to use this information for a variety of purposes ranging from data exfiltration to privilege escalation.

About the author

Rithwik Jayasimha is an information security consultant and researcher. He loves making devices of all shapes and sizes perform tasks for which they were not originally intended. Rithwik loves a good challenge - hit him up with a crypto challenge anytime! He is experienced in both offensive as well as defensive security. He heads a small group of pen testers based out of Bangalore. Rithwik is highly passionate about teaching and wants more people to enter security - both as hobbyists and profess... more

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