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Puppet 4: Working with Modules and Classes

by Andrew Mallett

Puppet is and has been the de-facto configuration management in Linux and Unix systems, and with Puppet 4, it is even bigger and stronger. This course teaches you how to create the best streamlined Puppet code onto Classes and Modules.

What you'll learn

Organizing your code into modules and classes will make it more usable and maintainable, which will make you more employable. In this course, Puppet 4: Working with Modules and Classes, you'll learn how to organize your code better than ever before. First, you'll learn to transform an NTP manifest into a more usable application, in the form of a module containing classes and defined types. You'll also learn how to create code once and reuse it. Finally, you'll discover how to validate input to parameterized classes. By the end of this course, you'll know how to refactor monolithic, flat Puppet manifests into streamlined modules.

About the author

Andrew is an all around Linux professional with in depth knowledge of the OS and this is supported with scripting in bash, perl, python and ruby and application development in C, C++ and Java. Having worked for many years in training, Andrew has developed automated course build systems after endless time wasted on Friday nights. The first build system he built was aptly named "Friday nights." This has inspired his interest in all things deployment related. He has authored training courses on M... more

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