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RHCSA for Red Hat OpenStack - Using OpenStack (Storage and Orchestration)

by Bernd Bausch

You have created an OpenStack cloud, set up networks, and launched servers on them. In this second stage of your journey to OpenStack mastery and RHCSA/OpenStack certification, you will work with storage and create an autoscaling application.

What you'll learn

This is the second step towards RHCSA/OpenStack certification, or a way for you to simply master in using and managing OpenStack clouds. The first step showed you how to create networks in an OpenStack cloud and run, configure, and manage virtual servers. In this course, RHCSA for Red Hat OpenStack - Using OpenStack (Storage and Orchestration), you will complete the acquisition of user-level skills required for obtaining the certificate. First, you will learn how to create and manage storage volumes, attach them to virtual servers, and boot servers from them. Next, you will explore OpenStack's object storage service: Swift. Finally, you will discover how OpenStack's telemetry and orchestration services work together to allow the creation of self-scaling cloud applications.

When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills to use an OpenStack cloud.

About the author

It was in 1982, when it was still the domain of geeks and tinkerers, that Bernd encountered UNIX for the first time. It was love on first sight, for both. Not surprisingly, a few years later his professional life also started with UNIX, in technical support, then in consulting and training. After spending over a decade managing training programs of technical and non-technical nature, he returned to his old love. Since 2013, he has been a technical instructor and designer of training courses in L... more

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