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Aug 26, 2013
1h 53m

In this Maya tutorial we will learn how to rig tank treads. We'll get started by setting up our initial tread, learning how to prevent flipping issues, how to have the tread move properly as we move our vehicle, making sure it flows in the right direction and cycles along its path. We'll then learn how a script can be built to evenly position treads along our path to save you a lot of time. Along the way, we'll cover topics like how to set up wheel rotations to move with the treads, how to conform the treads to follow an uneven terrain, and how to make the rig scalable. By the end of this training, you will be equipped with the skill set needed to rig your own robust tread systems. Software required: Autodesk Maya 2014.

About the author
About the author

Delano works avidly as an animation author at Pluralsight. Starting his career at animation studios like Shilo, Delano has developed a strong passion for his talents. His animation and rigging background help him teach and create some of the most-watched training on Pluralsight.

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