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What Is SAFe®: Scaled Agile for Enterprises

by Jeremy Jarrell

Are you wondering how to scale agile to your entire organization using SAFe®? This course will teach you how to help your entire organization benefit from an agile approach to product delivery using the SAFe® framework.

What you'll learn

Have you found success with an agile approach on a single team and are now considering scaling that same approach to your entire organization? In this course, What Is SAFe®: Scaled Agile for Enterprises, you’ll learn how SAFe® can help your entire organization reap the benefits of an agile approach. First, you’ll learn what questions to consider when choosing an agile scaling framework for your organization. Next, you’ll explore the core principles of SAFe® as they relate to an agile approach. Finally, you’ll discover the common components of a SAFe® implementation that you’re likely to encounter in your scaling implementation. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to determine if SAFe® is the right choice for scaling agile to your organization.

About the author

Jeremy Jarrell is an agile coach and author who helps teams get better at doing what they love. He is heavily involved in the technology community, both as a highly rated speaker throughout the United States and as a syndicated author whose articles and videos have appeared on sites such as,,, and Jeremy resides in Pittsburgh with his wife and two children and is an avid runner. He loves to discuss all topics related to agile met... more

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