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Security Event Triage: Revealing Attacker Methodology in Web Application Events

by Aaron Rosenmund

In this course on revealing web application attack methodology, you will explore the use of web application filters, app service logs, and web vulnerability scanners to reveal various advanced attacker techniques and detecting live web exploitations.

What you'll learn

Developing the skills necessary for a security analyst to accurately detect and triage adversary tactics and techniques applied to web applications requires experience with web application's baseline behavior and the use of advanced detection capabilities. Neither of which are easy to obtain. In this course, Security Event Triage: Revealing Attacker Methodology in Web Application Events, you will gain the foundation knowledge and experience with web application technologies and attacker methodologies required to protect your vital business functions. First, you will monitor the front door of applications for common attacks with web application firewalls on-premises and on major cloud platforms. Next, you will learn the logic behind hunting for behavioral anomalies generated by more advanced attacker activity and how to create machine learning jobs to identify this behavior in an automated way. Finally, you will discover how to leverage the same tools the attackers use to actively spot holes in your applications that pop up as new builds are released and mitigate the associated risk. When you finish this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of web application attack detection needed to implement continuous monitoring capabilities that protect the enterprise applications on which your organization depends.

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About the author

Aaron M. Rosenmund is a cyber security operations subject matter expert, with a background in federal and business defensive and offensive cyber operations and system automation. Leveraging his administration and automation experience, Aaron actively contributes to multiple open and closed source security operation platform projects and continues to create tools and content to benefit the community. As an educator & cyber security researcher at Pluralsight, he is focused on advancing cyber secur... more

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