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Creating an Advanced Material with Substance Designer

by Arvin Villapando

Creating materials using procedural methods can initially seem difficult. In this course you'll learn how to break a complex material up into manageable layers and modules and how to iterate to create complexity.

What you'll learn

Building materials using procedural methods can initially be a a daunting task. In this course, Creating an Advanced Material with Substance Designer, you'll learn methods on how to approach such a task by building pieces at a time and iterating on ideas. This course will cover material explaining how to build materials in layers, build and use modular tools, and most importantly how to iterate on designs to build complexity. At the end of this course, you'll have a deeper understanding of a procedural material workflow that should give you new ways to approach complex material creation in Substance Designer. Software Required: Substance Designer.

About the author

Arvin Villapando is a texture artist based out of Dallas, Texas. He has been working with creating procedural textures in Substance Designer for almost two years. He is currently employed at gametextures.com where he designs a variety of tools and textures using Substance Designer and Substance Painter. He is blessed with his incredibly supportive wife, and three talented and kindhearted boys.

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