Technical Information Gathering with Recon-ng 5

by Tim Tomes

Recon-ng automates technical information gathering to drastically reduce the time spent conducting reconnaissance during Red Team engagements. Streamline your methodology with the next generation of open source information gathering capability.

What you'll learn

Reconnaissance, also referred to as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering, is often viewed as the least important step of any information security testing methodology, and disregarded for this very reason. But rather than skip reconnaissance due to a perceived lack of value, we can increase its worth by reducing the time it takes to conduct these activities. In this course, Technical Information Gathering with Recon-ng, you will gain the ability to efficiently and effectively gather and analyze technical information from open sources. First, you will learn installation and configuration tips and be introduced to the interactive command line interface of Recon-ng. Next, you will discover installing, running, and configuring Recon-ng modules to harvest and transform data. Finally, you will explore how to analyze and export data for collaboration or use with other tools. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Recon-ng needed to accelerate the technical information gathering process and fuse results with the remainder of Red Team activities.

About the author

Tim is a believer, husband, father, veteran, software developer, web application security engineer, and the founder of PractiSec (Practical Security Services). With extensive experience in web application security and software development, Tim currently conducts consultative engagements, manages multiple open source software projects (Recon-ng Framework, the HoneyBadger Geolocation Framework, PwnedHub, etc.), writes technical articles (, and frequently instructs and presents on s... more

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