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Unity 2018 UI Fundamentals

by Lisa Walkosz-Migliacio

Check out what's new for UI with Unity 2018. This course will teach you how to configure basic UI components inside of Unity to interact with your users of 2D games, 3D games with UI overlays, or UI in the world itself -- in VR or AR.

What you'll learn

Displaying and interacting with your users is paramount to having a good user experience (UX) for your game or app. In this course, Unity 2018 UI Fundamentals, you'll configure basic UI components and gain knowledge on how to make those interactions work for users to accomplish their goals using your programs, which can include 2D games, 3D games with UI overlays, or UI in the world itself, like in VR or AR. First, you'll learn about the different canvas types you can use. You'll see the new component, TextMeshPro, and start using it to create highly customizable text. Next, you'll get to create a configuration panel with different UI components in them. Finally, you'll examine how to make a main menu with some cool interactive pizzazz. By the end of this course you'll have a better understanding of how to help the users interact with your Unity game or application.

About the author

Lisa has worked in a software development for over a decade in web development, virtual reality, and video games. Armed with a degree in computer science and design, she has the perfect combination to bring digital works of art to life. She founded the game development company Intropy Games to make super cute games that can tug on your heartstrings. With multiple awards under her belt, she most recently was awarded for excellence in the Oculus Launch Pad in Virtual Reality.

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