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Vulnerability Management: The Big Picture

by Matt Glass

Information systems vulnerabilities expose networks to attack by threats, and potential loss to your organization. This course will teach you about a vulnerability management process that can help you identify, analyze, and patch vulnerabilities.

What you'll learn

Keeping an information system secure is an essential and continual process to stop potential threats. In this course, Vulnerability Management: The Big Picture, you'll learn the vulnerability management process and how it fits into an information security plan. First, you'll discover the importance of conducting regular vulnerability scans. Next, you'll explore how to prioritize vulnerability remediation. Finally, you'll delve into some tools that are available to help you automate these processes. By the end of this course, you'll have developed a deeper understanding of the basics of the vulnerability management process and the importance of its implementation.

About the author

Matt Glass is a Service Delivery Manager in Naples, Italy, working as a government contractor. Matt has 15 years of IT experience in a variety of roles. Consistently finding joy in developing the skills of others and helping their careers, he joined Pluralsight in 2017 to pass on the lessons he learned. Matt is married and the father of four children.

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