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What's New in Office 2019

by J. Peter Bruzzese

In this course, you’ll learn new features that span multiple applications, as well as application specific features. This course will get brought up to date by learning all about enhancements and new features in the Office suite of applications.

What you'll learn

Learn what’s new in Office 2019. In this course, What’s New in Office 2019, you will learn all about new features and feature enhancements in the Office 2019 suite. First, you will learn the difference between Office 2019 and other flavors of Office. Next, you will discover all the new features that span across multiple applications. Finally, you will learn application-specific feature enhancements and new features for the entire Office 2019 suite. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge revolving around what's new in Office 2019.

About the author

J. Peter Bruzzese (Triple-MCSE, MCT) is a 4-time awardee of the Microsoft MVP for Exchange. Working with Exchange in enterprise scenarios for 15 years, J. Peter has a finger on the pulse of both legacy deployments and modern on-prem/cloud(O365/hosted) environments. J. Peter is also the Enterprise Windows columnist for InfoWorld, a speaker for MEC/TechEd, etc… and author/consultant on a variety of books, product reviews for and articles. His latest books include Mastering Exchan... more

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