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Windows Identity Foundation Patterns: On-Premise and Cloud

by Niraj Bhatt

This course aims to demystify on-premise and cloud-based identity solutions.

What you'll learn

Dealing with multiple identities has always been challenging; even more so with the advent of the cloud. Developers and architects are often confused by the numerous terms, acronyms and buzzwords - such as Active/Passive Federation, SWT, SAML, ADFS, WIF, WS-Trust, WS-Federation, OAuth, OAuth WRAP and others. This course starts by distilling the technology jargon; setting the foundation for understanding various identity solutions. Having laid the foundation, this course then focuses on typical claims-based identity solution patterns within enterprises. Understanding these recurring implementation themes will further simply the mapping of claims-based identity to your LOB applications.

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About the author

Niraj works as an Enterprise Architect for a Fortune 500 company and has an innate passion for building / studying software systems. He is a top rated speaker at various technical forums including Tech Ed, MCT Summit, Developer Summit, and Virtual Tech Days, among others. He enjoys working on – IT innovations that impact enterprise’s bottom line, architecture and integration of systems, performance tuning, and review of enterprise applications. He has received MVP award for ASP.NET, Connec... more

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