Windows Virus and Malware Troubleshooting

by Mike Halsey

Learn how to identify, block, and remove any type of malware from PCs. Find out how to train PC users to identify threats and what you can do to effectively block malware infections from occurring.

What you'll learn

Virus and malware infection can plunge any business or organization into crisis as it spreads from one PC to another across a network, encrypts files, and downs desktops and servers. This course, Windows Virus and Malware Troubleshooting, will first teach you about the different types of malware threats and how criminals are resorting to psychology to attack your PCs and networks. Second, you'll learn what tools and utilities are available to help you defend your PCs and networks against malware. Third, you'll learn how to manually remove different types of malware threats from infected PCs. By the end of this course, you'll be armed with the right knowledge and the best available tools. You will be able to train PC users in how they can keep themselves and your vital company data safe, knowing that you will have the knowledge to clean infected PCs should disaster occur.

About the author

Mike is a current Microsoft MVP awardee, and was first awarded in 2011. He is a recognized technical expert in the Windows desktop experience and troubleshooting with more than a dozen books published, including The Windows 10 Productivity Handbook, the Windows 10 Accessibility Handbook and Windows 10 Troubleshooting. He encourages questions from readers and viewers through Facebook ( and Twitter (@MikeHalsey).

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