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Zero Trust Networking (ZTN): The Big Picture

by Matt Conran

Essentially, with Zero Trust Networking, the network is entirely dark to everything and everyone until the administrator turns the lights on. You will go through technologies and introduced to new networking and security architectures.

What you'll learn

Initially, networks were designed solely for connectivity i.e to share a printer. Back 30 years ago a printer could cost the same as a house so it was pretty important to be able to share it. In this course, Zero Trust Networking (ZTN): The Big Picture, you will learn foundational knowledge and gain the ability to evolve your network to match the new digital world and combat the bad actors both internal and external to your network. First, you will learn why we need Zero Trust Networking. Next, you will discover some of the components used to create a new network and security model and a good understanding of how Zero Trust Networking works. Finally, you will explore how to two Zero Trust projects of Microsegmention and Software-defined perimeter. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Zero Trust Networking needed to match the new digital age and combat bad actors both internal and external to your network.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Why We Need Zero Trust Networking
Creating a New Network & Security Architecture
Understanding How Zero Trust Networking Works
The Zero Trust Projects

About the author

Matt Conran has more than 24 years of networking industry with entrepreneurial start-ups, government organizations and others. He is a lead Network & Security Architect and successfully delivered major global greenfield service provider and data center networks. Core skill set includes advanced data center, service provider, security, and virtualization technologies. He loves to travel and has a passion for landscape photography.

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