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Capturing innovation gold with an investment in technology skills

Sonic speed. Record-breaking performance. Unmatched agility. The qualities it takes to succeed at the Olympic Games are the same qualities needed by the information and security technology that powers the games. 

That’s precisely why Atos, Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, relies on Pluralsight for developing technology skills. 

“With the Olympics, we essentially need to reinvent the experience every four years. There’s another country with another infrastructure, venue and climate,” says Martin Schoenmakers, COO of Atos. “We need Pluralsight to have the right people trained at the right time to make it happen.”

Atos pushes the boundaries of technology to ensure the games go off flawlessly, that athletes have access to valuable performance data, and that fans can have a truly memorable experience. And the Olympics are just one example. As a global leader in digital transformation, Atos is responsible for driving innovation for customers across all industries.

“When it comes to digital transformation, our customers want to be ahead of the competition. We need to deliver those innovative new capabilities, so they can outperform in their industries,” says Martin. “Knowledge is central to making sure we can help them achieve that.” 

Just-in-time learning increases confidence, productivity 

Traditional classroom learning doesn’t work for keeping Atos up to speed with what’s new in tech. Access to Pluralsight’s technology learning platform, with thousands of expert-led courses and learning tools like skill assessments and paths, makes the difference.

“We’ve moved beyond classroom training and even blended learning to a state of continual learning,” says Eltina Ouwehand, CTO and Head of Technology Lab & Innovation. “In our just-in-time learning environment, flexible resources like Pluralsight help our teams understand the latest innovations and keep their productivity sky high.” 

Atos team members see Pluralsight as a tool for their professional growth, as well as a resource for problem-solving and getting their work done faster.  

“I like Pluralsight because it’s learning on demand,” says Peter Kalmijn, Business Information Analyst. “If I get stuck, I can look up something on Pluralsight and apply it directly. It’s just in time and in my time.”

Emerging tech keeps Atos customer Siemens on the cutting-edge

This atmosphere of continued learning allows Atos to take advantage of emerging tech to solve problems for its customers and save them time. Take Siemens, the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, for example.  

Historically, when Siemens needed to conduct maintenance on one of their construction sites, the team onsite would have to call a subject matter expert for help, waiting hours for him or her to arrive before working on the issue. Atos saw a more efficient path forward using Microsoft HoloLens. With the software Atos developed, subject matter experts can now view the issue virtually via HoloLens and immediately start working on a solution. This prevents hours of delay, saves the company valuable time and cuts costs.  

“Pluralsight plays a really critical role in helping Atos make sure our people are skilled,” says Martin, “that they adapt quickly to new technologies, get information they need to be productive, and gain confidence in their knowledge, so they can deliver the edge to our clients.”

Skill development at scale that improves performance

Because Pluralsight is available anytime, anywhere, “Pluralsight understands the needs of our people and delivers the right topics at the right time, said Martin. “And not only is the learning innovation impacting the bottom line at Atos, it’s making work more fun.”

That positive energy is proof that continual innovation and continual learning go hand in hand. And in a recent survey of 896 Atos employees:
  • 97% reported a skill increase related to their learning on Pluralsight
  • 87% felt they are performing better, faster, and with more confidence
  • 90% believe that access to Pluralsight has increased their job satisfaction

“Pluralsight has helped me become a confident developer,” says developer Melanie Hoetmer. “I’m able to go through the content with a lot of depth but also go back to it. I would definitely say a subscription to Pluralsight makes me a better employee.”

Meeting the varied topic needs and learning styles of almost one thousand employees takes a flexible, scalable learning platform. 

“At Atos I see different needs for learning,” says Eltina. “Pluralsight lets learners of all ages and learning styles absorb new information in their own way.”

And the data around what people are consuming helps Atos leaders focus learning on what counts.

“As a manager, I dig into Pluralsight analytics to understand what people are learning, where we should be driving additional training, and to make good decisions on how to help our teams develop to their potential,” says Eltina.

Ultimately, whether customers are looking to reinvent their analytics offerings, transform to cloud technologies, lock down their security, or even gear up for quantum computing, Atos needs to be prepared to move them successfully into the future. 

With Pluralsight as a trusted partner in innovation, Atos is quickly and continually ready to deliver groundbreaking technology to companies as they navigate digital transformation.

Atos at a glance
  • Atos is a global IT services company and leader in digital transformation
  • 100,000 employees, 72 counties, €13 billion annual revenue
  • Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic & Paralympic Games