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Boys Town

Affordable training when it's needed.

Helping at-risk kids and broken families is a noble goal—one that Boys Town has been working on for nearly a century. And while most of the good they do happens offline in the “real” world, providing counseling and support to more than 2 million people across the country requires a sizable technology investment. Finding new technical solutions, setting standards and planning future investment is easier with Pluralsight’s always-available online training.

Training and solutions as soon as they’re needed.

Keeping up with changing technology is a challenge for Boys Town. As a non-profit organization, budgets are limited (91.2% of its budget is dedicated to serving boys and girls). Every dollar spent on conferences or expensive training is money that won’t help a family in need. That makes Pluralsight an ideal solution. It gives employees access to the latest training and a resource for getting answers on the spot.

“We have an IT team of almost 50 people, so there is definitely a need for good training content,” says Paul Baker, Senior Web Developer/Analyst. “We’re trying to stay as close to the bleeding edge as we can. Pluralsight has been a great resource to get me up to speed on technologies that I need to know, as well as discovering new technologies that I didn’t know about before. It helps us fill in our skill gaps.”

Quality content designed to grow skills and improve standards.

Paul first heard about Pluralsight when he worked as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and his students asked about it. When he took a closer look, he was encouraged by what he found. 

“I saw who was creating the courses. They’re good instructors, people I had met at conferences or whose books I had read.”

Paul’s main focus is on SharePoint administration and development, as well as building apps. “It has helped me get up to speed on the app model and the client side stuff like Angular. The content is just fantastic.” 

But he isn’t the only one who is benefiting. Paul shares an example of how the entire organization is getting better thanks to Pluralsight: “Another way it has really benefitted us is a course on JavaScript development and setting up patterns and practices for how we will implement JavaScript.

“As a trainer, I know what good quality courses are, I know what good quality instruction is. Pluralsight’s got it.”

Boys Town at a glance:
  • Founded in 1917 by Father Edward J. Flanagan.
  • Every year, Boys Town directly provides behavioral services to more than 29,000 children and health care services to another 44,000 children. In all, Boys Town touches the lives of more than 2 million people through information, services and training.
  • Spencer Tracy won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Father Flanagan in the 1938 movie “Boys Town”.
  • Charity Navigator has awarded Boys Town one of its highest ratings for the seventh consecutive time.

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