Deutsche Bank

Innovating the future of banking through upskilling & data

The Challenge

Supporting Deutsche Bank through a digital revolution

The future of banking is rapidly evolving and moving toward a platform economy, driven by data. To keep up with the fast-moving digital age of banking and maintain its leadership in the industry, Deutsche Bank needed to not only adopt new technology, but also develop a digitally-expert workforce.

“It’s [the pandemic] changing and shaping the way we engage, the way we interact and even how we transact with all of our stakeholders internally and externally. And this is why Deutsche Bank now has a permanent board position dedicated to technology, which is new for us,” says Martin Reeves, Strategy and Transformation Lead.

Deutsche Bank’s business strategies are forward-thinking and will ultimately bring a very steep digital transformation across their technology and the organization as a whole. This initiative can only be accomplished with a steady stream of skilled workers that can build the cloud-native, scalable platforms needed to deliver data-centric business services.

“For regulated organizations like ours, control is equally important and the automation of that control. And so the ability to innovate rapidly in reaction to market needs is absolutely critical to us winning new revenue streams and being competitive,” says Investment Bank Technology Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer Helen Tippell.


Who they are

Deutsche Bank is the leading bank in Germany with strong European roots and a global network. The bank comprises four major divisions: Investment Bank, Corporate Bank, Private Bank and Asset Management (DWS). Its network spans 59 countries.

Deutsche Bank by the numbers

founded in Berlin, Germany, in 1870

Frankfurt, Germany

current headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany


Serves more than 27M customers


branches worldwide

The value that Skill IQ brings to the table

“Skill IQ gives our learners the baseline they need to connect them to the most applicable learning paths.” 

Fredrika Otterstrom, Community and Engagement Lead, Deutsche Bank

The Solution

Enhancing a Technology Global Graduate Training Program powered by Pluralsight

For IB Technology Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer, Helen Tippell, it was essential to focus on a Google Cloud education strategy from the very beginning to meet the immediacy and urgent demand coming from application teams migrating onto GCP:

“How could we upskill our technology organization and provide them with the right in-depth technical knowledge and understanding around delivering solutions in the cloud, particularly in Google Cloud?”

Deutsche Bank and Pluralsight teamed up to answer this question in a number of different ways. With the help of Pluralsight’s tech skills platform, Deutsche Bank enhanced the Global Graduate Training Program for their application and infrastructure teams. The training program is a supported, 12-month learning journey created in partnership with business subject matter experts. Pluralsight helps provide an up-front training program to introduce important topics and technologies at Deutsche Bank, while enhancing existing skills and developing new skill sets.

“Skill IQ gives us the visibility to see how the graduates are progressing in their first year. I think it creates a great sense of achievement when graduates progress to expert level, especially if they’ve taken the initial skill assessment just 30 days before,” says Jasmin Stack, Global Graduate Training and Program Manager.

The key benefits of Pluralsight for Deutsche Bank


Stream of Talent

The Technology Global Graduate Training Program upskills current and new engineers, developing them into world-class talent.


Cost Savings

Replaces in-person training with custom, virtual learning paths that introduce important topics and technologies at Deutsche Bank.

Paths icon

Foster continuous, inclusive learning

Created a culture that encourages continuous skill development, resulting in diverse teams that can keep up with the evolving digital age.

Paths icon

Aligns skill sets to business needs

Skill IQ gives learners a good baseline to connect them with learning critical to their role.

Why technology and upskilling is crucial for Deutsche Bank

"As a bank, we have a commitment to ensure that we have the right skills and competencies to become a truly digital organization."

Helen Tippell, IB Technology Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer, Deutsche Bank

The results

Fostering an inclusive culture that attracts, develops and retains world-class talent

With the help of Pluralsight, Deutsche Bank provides wider access to training materials on GCP to at least 2,000 people and counting.

When Jasmin was asked what success looks like to her, she said, “We measure success in terms of true engineering impact. Seeing motivated learners coming out and graduating from these programs and being able to actively apply their learnings to the migration or re-architecting of their applications to be cloud-ready.”

By relying on third-party materials such as Pluralsight, Qwiklabs and Google Cloud experts, Deutsche Bank has exceeded their own expectations and created an innovative community built on fundamental training that brings together the absolute best.

Fredrika Otterstrom, Community and Engagement Lead, says, “To work in organizations that invest in their people means a lot to me. It’s through day-to-day project work and being able to use your skills, but also being given the opportunity to stretch and challenge yourself.”


Biggest challenge for a technological transformation

"If you're turning into a technology company, but you're not resourcing that way, you're not thinking about taking on talent in that way, then you're going to lose out to the competition."

Martin Reeves, Strategy and Transformation Lead, Deutsche Bank

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