Case study:
Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Affordable training when it’s needed.

My name is Dana Mayers and I teach 3D animation and visual effects at Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our program focuses on preparing students for four different career majors including 2D animators, 3D modelers, 3D animators and motion graphics artists. 

I’ve utilized Digital-Tutors, a Pluralsight company, in the past via CD and was very impressed with the results I saw as well as the achievements of my students, who really enjoy the training, which is more than half the battle when trying to keep students motivated and excited.

Training and solutions as soon as they’re needed 

I like all the titles currently available as well as the fact that Pluralsight continues to add new releases on a regular basis. The training library covers essential concepts and theories and meets the needs of a very specific market for which there are currently limited resources. 

Technology is evolving so rapidly it is very difficult to find resources that are relevant to the new versions coming out. Pluralsight’s library is always being updated and provides training for the newest applications and latest techniques.

Quality content designed to grow skills and improve standards 

Your tutorials are engaging and  challenge the students utilizing technology and methods they have grown up with. The resources available through Pluralsight help me individualize instructions based on each student’s needs. The materials fill a void where there are currently very limited resources. 

The opportunity to offer training through Pluralsight enables me to provide quality learning experiences for my students that replicate those used by professionals in the industry like EA, Blizzard, etc.

I believe Digital-Tutors should be considered a primary resource for teaching because it utilizes the technology students experience on a daily basis to deliver engaging, challenging instructions through projects students enjoy completing.

By using Pluralsight, I’m confident I’m providing the best training for my students. Some of my students that returned this year have learned new concepts from your training library of which they were not previously aware. I’ve heard some say they’ve learned new approaches or better techniques they will be employing on future projects.

Francis Tuttle at a glance:
  • Francis Tuttle Technology Center is a public career and technology education center.
  • The institution was established in 1979.
  • The center offers career-specific business and industry training and consulting services.

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