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Winning the market

Using chapters and guilds with Pluralsight to win the market

The Challenge

Driving innovation at scale

MaritzCX is faced with scaling the delivery of increasingly innovative solutions to enterprise clients while meeting global data privacy requirements.

“We have teams across the world,” says Engineering Manager Sarah Borden. “It can be hard to know exactly where everybody lies on their skill sets.”

And with the rapid evolution of technology, Software Engineer, Jason Aurich, adds, “It can become difficult trying to juggle the different programs and applications we use to help minimize inefficiencies in our work.”

Who we are

A worldwide provider of customer experience software, services and research, headquartered in Utah, USA.

MaritzCX by the numbers
Established 2015

in 2015

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900+ employees across 18 global offices

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1 million users speaking 60 languages

Speed through roadblocks

“It is very important for us to be able to move as quickly and efficiently as possible to be as cost effective as possible and to produce as much throughout as possible … And this is where we leverage Pluralsight.”

Bruce Arnett, MaritzCX CTO

What we're learning:

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The Solution

Focused, consistent skill development

As part of its strategy, MartizCX organized into chapters and guilds and chose Pluralsight as their partner in skill development. Now, subject matter experts within the organization curate content relevant to their needs on a single platform.

“Before, every team had their own way of doing things,” says VP of Software Engineering, Dan Korzeniewski. “So, moving to a single platform like Pluralsight that has all of this content available to us and consistent ways to organize it has really helped.”

From anywhere in the world, team members can assess proficiency in mission-critical technology skills, grow in areas where they may be lacking and discover skills relevant to current or future business objectives—all to build and maintain momentum behind innovation within the company.

Sarah says, “Pluralsight allows us to not only use Skill IQ to see if someone's really great at something, or perhaps needs some help, but also provides courses and paths so we can make sure we're standardizing across teams and across the company,” she says.

Dan Korzeniewski, Vice President of Software Engineering, says with Pluralsight, “We are able to onboard people a lot faster. Whether that's new employees or people moving from one skill area to another… having Pluralsight available allows us to have more structure to that.”

The key benefits of Pluralsight for Maritzcx

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Swift onboarding

New or transferring team members can get quickly up to speed with relevant skills and practices.

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Improved org structure

Visibility into skills within the company supports chapter and guild development and alignment with key business objectives.

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Author expertise

Users across the globe get reliable, relevant insights and on-demand answers from top technologists.

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Team members feel valued and encouraged to explore skills that may spark the next innovation.

Skills = money in the bank

“When we announced to the team we were going to give them Pluralsight licenses, it was like we gave them a bonus. They were so excited. These employees need to have more technology skills—things like CSS, HTML, JavaScript—to support an ever-changing and more complex customer.”

Mike Bready, MaritzCX VP of technology

The next steps

Investing in the future

“The difference between an engaged thought worker and a disengaged thought worker is not a 10 or 20 percent improvement. It's a 200 percent difference,” Bruce Arnett, MaritzCX CTO, says. “A key way to get the best work and make your thought workers feel engaged is to value them, to invest in them. Pluralsight is one of those ways that we invest in our employees.”

MaritzCX encourages team members to keep an eye on emerging technology skills that may play into future innovations. “We provide [channels] to all of the engineers on the team,” Sarah says. “Everybody's seeing the same content and is able to learn the same ways without me necessarily having to be as aware of the innate details.”

Invest in your greatest asset

“In my perspective, our only real asset is our people. And having the best people is the best way to win. So getting those people the skills they need helps make them the best, and also shows them that we value them.”

Bruce Arnett, MaritzCX CTO

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