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Investing in emerging technology skills

Delivering innovation at global scale

The Challenge

Maintaining the edge on an expanding market

Nomura was tasked with getting its global and diverse workforce up to speed with new technologies so they can successfully execute on initiatives like cloud transformation, while delivering innovation to customers at an increasing pace.

“I think every single part—the fabric of the firm—is in some way reliant on technology,” says Terry Learmouth, Nomura EMEA CIO. “Our ability to move with the times, to embrace innovation, to keep that business model moving is absolutely key.”

Terry says embracing emerging technologies provides them with the speed and flexibility they’re looking for. “In our business that means quick adoption of things like machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data management—using that to find the extra edge.”

Who we are

Based in Asia with offices across the globe, financial services group Nomura bridges markets East and West with innovative solutions tailored to clients worldwide.

Nomura by the numbers
Established 1925

in 1925

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28,280 employees across 90 nationalities

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Workforce based in 30+ countries

Keeping up with technology change

“Here at Nomura, tech skills are incredibly important because the rate of change in technology is unprecedented, and we cannot go out and recruit all of the people that we need.”

Rachael Grieve, Nomura Technology Learning and Development Lead

What we're learning:

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Machine learning

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Docker and Containers

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The Solution

Driving transformation by developing people

Nomura chose Pluralsight to empower its staff with cutting edge skills to create more innovative solutions.

“It’s not just developers who are improving their tech skills,” says Lead Developer Chris Jeganathan. “We're seeing people who may be in a trading role or may be in a corporate role who want to see how they can improve in order to keep up with the way that the landscape's changing.”

Teams at Nomura created channels to set a consistent baseline of skills needed for critical projects—like a recent initiative to build and transition to the Nomura Private Cloud.

Service Infrastructure Associate Lisa Wong credits Pluralsight with the team’s ability to build and migrate to the private cloud at a rapid pace. “It has helped with speeding up the learning and people's understanding of the cloud. It’s helped in terms of making the project delivery faster,” she says.
They also use courses and skill assessments to prepare for and encourage participation in company-wide hackathons and coding dojos, which help to inspire future business efforts.

The key benefits of Pluralsight for Nomura

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Cloud migration

New skills enabled teams to build the Nomura Private Cloud

Data insights icon


Data insights

Leadership uses analytics to make strategic decisions

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Team members company-wide apply new skills to build innovative, secure client solutions

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Competitive edge

Cloud, AI, data and machine learning skills offer the advantage in a growing market

Changing the game

“This really has changed the game, in terms of the way we view the delivery of technology and how we can work with our business users to try these ideas and then move forward.”

Terry Learmouth, Nomura EMEA CIO

The next steps

Gaining momentum

Terry says Pluralsight has provided confidence that every staff member is building the right skills to help drive the company forward.
“We’re mapping objectives to Pluralsight courses—we want them to be measurable, we want them to be achievable, and we can do that with Pluralsight.”

With Pluralsight on their side, employees at Nomura are empowered with the right skills at just the right time. Results include quicker delivery of increasingly innovative and secure products, a more engaged and collaborative workforce, and, ultimately, a wider captured market share in the competitive financial services space.

Skills for the next generation

“It's not just about technologies, or developer languages, or platforms. It is about changing our culture within the bank to be able to deliver. It's about developing talent and developing our next generation of leaders.”

Ian Dobson, Nomura Global Head of Mobile Engineering

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