5 steps to foster collaboration in remote teams

What you'll learn

As a team leader, you must now be familiar in one way or another with remote working teams. You’ve probably already faced some of the challenges that come with it such as collaboration, productivity, upkeeping moral and more. 

In this webinar, join Pluralsight author and business owner Shelley Benhoff, where you’ll learn about these 5 steps that you can take to help improve collaboration and connectivity in remote teams:

  • Implementing regular video calls

  • Creating virtual water cooler

  • Practicing Active Listening

  • Scheduling virtual happy hours

  • Communicating regularly

Follow these steps and start creating a self-managing team.


Event details

Calendar icon Feb 25, 2021
Clock icon 10 min
Globe icon Americas
The Host

Shelley Benhoff

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Shelley has 20+ years of experience in IT as an Entrepreneur, Manager, Trainer, and Sitecore MVP. She has a passion for technology, gaming, and general nerdery. She loves to learn new things as well as mentor and teach others.