Learnings of a leader with Kevin Miller

What you'll learn

Stepping into leadership can be awkward for some engineers. Moving from a highly technical role into a soft skills position isn’t an overnight transition. 

Join us as Pluralsight author and tech leader Kevin Miller explains what you can expect when taking on a leadership role and how to successfully navigate your new capacity. From prioritization and managing expectations to building trust and delegating tasks, Kevin breaks out his roadmap for all of it.

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Calendar icon Jul 20, 2021
Clock icon 1 hr
Globe icon All Regions
The Host

Kevin Miller

Kevin's mission is to close the gap between IT departments and the businesses they support, by opening IT to change. His goal is not to change what IT does; it is to change how IT does it, by changing how IT thinks. Kevin's expertise is helping organizations of all sizes adopt and embrace agile methodologies for faster deliveries, reduced cost, and increased customer satisfaction. Kevin possesses numerous degrees and certifications, and over 20 years of progressive experience in a wide range of technical areas, including: software development, operations, project management and leadership. His hobbies include learning, teaching, scuba diving, playing chess, and traveling.