Advanced analytics best practice webinar

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Calendar icon Dec 13, 2022
Clock icon 12:00 PM EST-1:00 PM EST
Globe icon Americas

What you will learn

Get the most out of our platform by joining the Pluralsight advanced analytics webinar, December 13, 12 pm-1 pm ET.

In this webinar, our Customer Success and Analytics teams will guide you through advanced analytics to uncover the data that matters most to your organization. Hear from other customers that are integrating their own BI tools to amplify the power of advanced analytics. Learn how analytics can support growth, share the value of Skills with your team, and demonstrate the ROI of Skills.


Our agenda:

  • Introductions - special message from our Customer Success VP, Osi Birdseye
  • 12:00-12:30 - Analytics Best Practices & Demo by Pluralsight Expert
  • 12:30-12:45 - Customer story and insights
  • 12:45 - 1:00 - Live customer Q & A

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