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Fireside Chat: How Cloud Skills Development Can Unlock Millions in ROI

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Calendar icon Aug 23, 2022
Clock icon 1:00 PM EST-2:00 PM EST
Globe icon Americas

What you'll learn

Is your organization focused on driving innovation in the cloud?

What if we told you that one organization built a working prototype of ground breaking functionality with an estimated ROI of $5 million after just four days of learning.

Join Drew Firment, SVP of Cloud Transformation, and Amanda Knight, Director of Engineering Transformation, in this executive fireside chat to learn three critical steps to building a culture of cloud. We will also be discussing how organizations can become creators of talent to achieve success in the cloud in 2023.

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Drew Firment

SVP of Cloud Transformation at A Cloud Guru

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Drew works closely with business and technology leaders to accelerate cloud adoption by migrating talent to the cloud. Drew was previously Director of Cloud Engineering at Capital One, where he led enterprise cloud operations within their Cloud Center of Excellence and migrated the early adopters of Amazon Web Services (AWS) into production. Drew is recognized by Amazon as an AWS Community Hero for his ongoing efforts to build inclusive and sustainable learning communities.

Amanda Knight

Director of Engineering Transformation

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Amanda Knight is the Global Director of Engineering Transformation, where she work with organizations who are embarking on ambitious technology transformation projects, especially those involving cloud. Previously the Director of Enterprise Architecture Innovation & Strategy at TeamHealth, one of the largest healthcare staffing companies in the United States. Amanda led engineering architecture, innovation, and cloud strategy by driving upskilling in modern architecture and cloud then applying that knowledge to create a solution worth 5M in YOY revenue, by using the newly developed skills leveraging Pluralsight platform applying those skills in a Innovation Challenge. She was also responsible for the architecture Center of Excellence, engineering transformation leading the cloud maturity journey. Today, she applies this experience and successful framework to make learning activities drive valuable outcomes for clients globally.

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