Private HCHB webinar, hosted by Pluralsight author Nigel Poulton

What you'll learn

Join best-selling author Nigel Poulton and learn what Kubernetes is, why it's central to the future of cloud-native infrastructure and applications, and what it means to your career. The live session will include a live Q&A for HCHB use cases.

· Demystify jargon, such as microservices, cloud-native, orchestration etc.
· The impact of containers and Kubernetes on your organisation and career
· How to get started with containers and Kubernetes

Nigel is a tech-oholic with a passion for demystifying exciting technologies. He's written several best-selling books and video training courses, and has helped well over 1 million people take their first steps with Docker and Kubernetes. When he's not playing with technology, he likes cars, scifi, and spending time with his family. He loves to connect with people, and you can reach him at nigelpoulton.com. He's also on most of the social media platforms at the "nigelpoulton" handle.

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Nigel Poulton

Pluralsight Author

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Nigel is a popular figure in the tech industry, best-known for his videos and books on container technologies. He is currently a Docker Captain and spends most of his time working with Docker and Kubernetes. Prior to working with container technologies, Nigel has done everything from changing backup tapes and resetting passwords all the way up to designing and managing large-scale solutions in some of the most demanding corporate environments in the world. Nigel is also passionate about his family, football (soccer), and cars.