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Are you ready to give your cloud skills a major boost? Join the Kubernetes T4KE FOUR Challenge to diversify your strengths and get hands-on practice.  

We’ve got 8 weeks of skill-building challenges designed to help you become stronger in your role and further your career. Think expert-led author talks, practice exams, and hands-on labs. You’ll earn badges for deepening your expertise.


Top 10 participants to complete the most hands-on labs, practice exams & walkthroughs


Particpants to complete at least 1 Hands-on lab, 1 Practice Exam and 1 Walkthrough


Complete more than 1 Practice Exam 

hands on

Complete more than 1 Hands-on Lab 


Attend more than 1 Walkthrough 

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Here's how the challenge works:

First, ensure you have access to A Cloud Guru so you can access the hands-on labs and practice exam links. Click here to request access. 

Join the Kubernetes T4KE FOUR challenge to deepen your expertise and get hands-on practice by completing these learning experiences each month:

Attend 1 Author Talk

Complete 1 Hands-on Lab & 1 Practice Exam

Register for a Kubernetes certification exam voucher and get certified

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Hands-on Labs

Gain real-world experience in real environments. ACG gives 
you safe spaces to sharpen your skills, code along, or just play around with new tech — all without fear of breaking things

Practice Exams

Prepare yourself to confidently face the pressures of the real Cloud Certification exams. Answer similar style questions in the same format and time as the real exam.  

Walkthroughs with Will

Kubernetes Certification Vouchers

Featured Speakers

William Boyd

ACG Principal Training Architect

William is an engineer with over 15 years in the IT industry, including experience in software development, software QA, and DevOps. He enjoys teaching and promoting exciting practices and technologies in the IT industry!