The aftermath of Log4j and remaining security concerns

What you'll learn

In December 2021, the Apache Software Foundation disclosed a number of vulnerabilities associated with software Log4j, most notably Log4Shell. With Log4j being ubiquitous in millions of applications and devices, Log4Shell presented one of the most significant risks to the global internet infrastructure in recent history, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Join us for a very thought-provoking webinar with Pluralsight security authors and experts, Aaron Rosenmund, Bri Andersen and Brandon DeVault. Together they’ll take a hands-on deep-dive into the Log4j vulnerability, the attacks associated with it and whether it’s all over — or if there are still lingering security concerns to consider. You’ll also have the opportunity to follow along with a practical demo using a Pluralsight lab to learn detection methods on a malicious server.


Event details

Calendar icon Feb 22, 2022
Clock icon 1 hr
Globe icon All Regions

Aaron M. Rosenmund

Director of Security Research and Curriculum

Aaron M. Rosenmund is a cybersecurity operations subject matter expert, with a background in federal and business defensive and offensive cyber operations and system automation. As an educator and cybersecurity researcher at Pluralsight, he’s focused on advancing the cybersecurity workforce and technologies for business and national enterprises alike.

Brandon DeVault

Senior Security Author

Brandon DeVault is a Sr. Security Author focusing on general blue team operations, incident response and threat hunting at Pluralsight. He’s also a member of the Florida Air National Guard and works as a threat hunter on a Mission Defense Team (MDT) defending North America’s air tracks. Brandon is also passionate about hardware hacking, soldering, hiking and currently holds the GCIA, GCED and Security+ certifications.

Bri Andersen

Curriculum Manager

Bri Andersen has worked in IT and cybersecurity for over 6 years with a prior background in data collection and statistical analysis. She plans and writes the curriculum for Cyber and Information Security training content at Pluralsight. She holds a bachelor’s degree in InfoSystems and Technologies and Sec+ and Pentest+ certifications.