Developer Success Summit Series

The latest research on why developer experience is your most important job

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Calendar icon Dec 08, 2022
Clock icon 10:00 AM MST-11:00 AM MST
Globe icon Americas

What you'll learn

If you want to be a great engineering leader—you need to invest in the developer experience.

And in this research-backed webinar, we will help engineering leaders to do just that. 

Watch our on-demand webinar for a panel discussion with Abi Noda, CEO of getDX.com, and three leading developer experience researchers, Dr. Cat Hicks, Dr. Marian Petre, and Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey, as they share their passion for developer experience and discuss: 

  • How developer experience is the superpower of today

  • The impact of thoughtful measurement on developer happiness

  • Ways to achieve long-term, durable success instead of short-term, brittle success

  • The many benefits of fostering a culture of learning


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Agenda / Presenters

Dr. Cat Hicks

VP of Research Insights and the Director of the Developer Success Lab at Pluralsight

As the VP of Research Insights and the Director of the Developer Success Lab at Pluralsight, Cat Hicks studies the science of how developer teams learn and thrive. Cat is a social science leader in tech with expertise leading applied research teams to explore complex areas of human behavior, empirical intervention, and evidence science. Cat serves on the Advisory Council of the University of San Diego Center for Digital Civil Society, as a research affiliate in STEM education research at UC San Diego, and as an advocate for increasing education access. She holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Experimental Psychology from UC San Diego, was an inaugural Fellow in the UC San Diego Design Lab, and has led research at organizations such as Google and Khan Academy.

Dr. Marian Petre

Professor of Computing at the Open University and Director of its Centre for Research in Computing

Marian Petre ‘picks the brains’ of expert software developers to understand what makes them expert. She has spent decades studying how they reason and communicate about design and problem solving. Her research is grounded in empirical studies of professionals in industry and draws on cognitive and social theory. By observing, talking to, and working with hundreds of professional software developers in organisations ranging from start-ups to the world’s major software companies, she exposes actionable insights into the thinking that distinguishes high-performing teams. Petre is an Emeritus Professor at the Open University (UK) and a Visiting Distinguished Professor at University of California, Irvine. Her most recent book is "Software Design Decoded" (MIT Press), and she received a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award in recognition of her work.

Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey

Professor of Computer Science, University of Victoria, co-author of The SPACE of Developer Productivity

Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Victoria. She holds a Canada Research Chair in Human and Social Aspects of Software Engineering. Dr. Storey’s research goal is to understand how technology can help people explore, understand, and share complex information and knowledge. She evaluates and applies techniques from knowledge engineering, social software, and visual interface design to applications such as collaborative software development, program comprehension, biomedical ontology development, and learning in Web-based environments. Dr. Storey currently consults with Microsoft to improve developer productivity.

Abi Noda

CEO and founder of getDX.com and founder of Pull Panda (acquired by GitHub)

Abi Noda is the founder and CEO of DX, the world’s first developer experience management platform, helping organizations measure and improve top drivers of developer productivity and engagement. DX is designed by leading software engineering researchers, providing science-backed metrics, workflows, and education that empower teams to improve.