Team Health: A holistic approach to engineering insights

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Calendar icon Jul 27, 2022
Clock icon 9:00 AM MDT-10:00 AM MDT
Globe icon All Regions

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For almost a decade, engineering leaders have been looking to use data to solve the problem of understanding how their dev teams are really doing, with limited results.

The Problem:  Data available to engineering leaders is often too narrow to truly reflect their teams’ workflow. Additionally, it lacks the human support necessary to meaningfully improve team health.  

Enter: Pluralsight Flow’s new Team Health Insights report. The new report provides a deeper, more sustainable approach to success for your software development teams.

In this webinar, Flow experts Austin Bagley and Adam Sockel examine the key pillars of team health, why they matter, and how to improve them at your organization.

Learn how to unlock your team by improving your team health.



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Agenda / Presenters

Austin Bagley

Director of Flow Product Marketing

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Austin Bagley has spent the last four years partnering with software engineering leaders as they embark on data-driven transformations within their own organizations. He nerds out on all things development and is an expert on using objective insights to make more informed, team-based decisions.