2022 State of Cloud webinar: The cloud skills vs. expectation gap

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Calendar icon Sep 29, 2022
Clock icon 12:00 PM MDT-1:00 PM MDT
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As leaders look to develop cloud-first and cloud-native strategies, they’re forgetting the single most important piece of that strategy: their people

According to our new State of Cloud report, 64% of learners say they’re new to cloud and only 8% say they have significant cloud-related experience. If you want to ensure your investments in the cloud pay off—and that your employees’ skills gaps don’t become canyons—you need to invest in your cloud talent first.

In this on-demand webinar, Pluralsight’s cloud experts Drew Firment and Mattias Andersson join Kesha Williams, Program Director for Slalom AWS Cloud Residency, to discuss their biggest takeaways from the 2022 State of Cloud report and what they would do to bridge the ever-growing cloud skills gap.

About the report

Pluralsight blind surveyed 1,000 tech leaders and technologists across industries and throughout the world to get a clear picture of the present state of cloud computing and the expectations for the future. The survey results showed three clear takeaways:

  • There’s a troubling gap between leadership expectations and employee skills to accomplish cloud goals.

  • Leaders want to invest more into the cloud without compromising their security.

  • Learners believe they can learn the skills to get the job done if given the tools.


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Agenda / Presenters

Drew Firment

Head Cloud Strategist

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Drew Firment is Head Cloud Strategist at Pluralsight. He works closely with business and technology leaders to accelerate cloud adoption by migrating talent to the cloud. Drew was previously Director of Cloud Engineering at Capital One where he led enterprise cloud operations within their Cloud Center of Excellence and migrated the early adopters of Amazon Web Services (AWS) into production. He founded Capital One's cloud engineering college that drove a large-scale talent transformation, and earned a patent for measuring cloud adoption and maturity. Drew is recognized by Amazon as an AWS Community Hero for his ongoing efforts to build inclusive and sustainable learning communities.

Mattias Andersson

Senior Developer Advocate

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Mattias Andersson is a Principal Developer Advocate at Pluralsight (and previously with A Cloud Guru). An expert in both Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, Mattias’s passion for continuous learning and sharing his successes, failures, and everything in between through his courses has helped train hundreds of thousands of Cloud engineers. He has also helped guide hundreds of thousands more through his videos and articles. Prior to joining A Cloud Guru in 2016, Mattias worked in a number of roles in software development for nearly 15 years before becoming interested in AWS certifications. He completed all of the (then five) AWS certifications within five months by using A Cloud Guru. He scored 100% for Solutions Architect Associate and over 90% for all the rest—even writing the two AWS Professional exams (3 hours each) on the same day. So believe us when we say, Mattias has his head in the clouds.

Kesha Williams

AWS Cloud Residency Program Director, Slalom

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Kesha Williams is an award-winning technology leader currently serving as the Program Director of Slalom's AWS Cloud Residency. She has 25+ years of experience architecting, designing, and building enterprise web applications. Her passions include teaching cloud topics and leading software engineering teams. Kesha holds multiple AWS certifications and is recognized as an AWS Machine Learning Hero, Alexa Champion, AWS Ambassador, and HackerRank All-Star.