Equip your team to support junior developers

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Calendar icon May 25, 2022
Clock icon 1:00 PM EDT-2:00 PM EDT
Globe icon Americas | EMEA

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EMEA: 6 p.m. BT, 7 p.m. CT

Adding new talent to the team?

Create junior-inclusive practices to help newbies hit the ground running. 

Talent turnover and mobility means new talent for your team—new hires who lack the knowledge and skills of senior developers. Equip yourself, your team and your organization with junior-inclusive practices to boost collaboration and build belonging. 

Bring on the best practices

A solid set of best practices is essential to your team’s sustainability, scalability and success. Not sure where to begin? No worries—we’ve got you. 

In this webinar, Aisha Blake, Director of Developer Relations at Pluralsight, shares actionable steps for helping multilevel software development teams build junior-inclusive practices through mentorship, sustainable processes and empathetic leadership. Aisha will cover topics like:

  • Complexity vs. availability 

  • The concept of "everyone sweeps"

  • The importance of documentation*

  • User manual prompts

. . . and more. 

Rethink how you roll out the welcome mat.

*Yeah, we know. Documentation isn’t fun, but it’s got a great ROI.



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Agenda / Presenters

Aisha Blake

Director of Developer Relations

Aisha Blake is the director of developer relations at Pluralsight. A theater kid turned tech community leader, Aisha’s a speaker, conference organizer, and teacher. She's also the creator of <title of conf>, a musical tech conference, and will never say no to karaoke.

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