Tech fluency: How to build tech skills for all

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Calendar icon Nov 09, 2022
Clock icon 9:00 AM MST-10:00 AM MST
Globe icon All Regions

What you'll learn

Digital transformation is key for every organization. But in order for your organization to embrace a digital transformation, your employees need to understand the tech behind your products. In other words, they need to embrace tech fluency.

Put your org on the path to tech fluency

In this webinar, Ashley Kinney, Pluralsight Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Simon Allardice, Creative Director and Principal Author, dig into all things tech fluency: what it is, how you can implement it within your organization, and how to get buy-in from both leaders and learners. 

You’ll learn:

  • What tech fluency is and why it matters

  • The importance of conversancy across orgs

  • How to know what content to focus on for your company

  • Implementing tech fluency within your continuous learning environment

Tech fluency matters. Gain actionable tips for making it a reality across your organization.


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Agenda / Presenters

Ashley Kinney

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Pluralsight

Ashley Kinney is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Pluralsight and Founder of nonprofit, Girl & Her Backpack. She's passionate about connecting teams and communities to solve complex problems and is proud of her recent work on Pluralsight's Tech Foundations which will help businesses build a baseline knowledge of technology to bring more perspectives to the table and move forward faster, together.

Simon Allardice

Creative Director and Principal Author, Pluralsight

With over three decades of software development experience, Simon has programmed in every discipline—from finance to transportation, nuclear reactors to game development. Prior to joining Pluralsight, Simon was the principal developer and author at lynda.com. His first video course was released back in 2002. Since then, his popular courses have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of developers. His current focus is both on the new—the latest iOS and Mac development technologies—and on the old: fundamental computer science topics. He obsesses on making complicated subjects accessible, memorable, and easier to learn.

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