WORKSHOP | 29th NOV 2022 15:00 GMT

Tech Skills Development Workshop

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Join us for our Tech Skills Development Workshop where we will help you prepare your teams for digital transformation by exploring our interactive strategy workbook together. 

You’ve got a technology project that’s too important to fail.

You’re exploring how to ensure your teams can deliver the goods and if they have the right skills to produce the results you require.

What do your teams need to prep for the vital work ahead? What factors should you consider as you plan your implementation? The pages in the TSD workbook will help answer these questions—and the ones you haven’t thought of yet. But it can be daunting to take the first step to start the workbook. 

Join our Workshop where a Pluralsight expert will guide you through sections of the workbook so that you can walk away with actionable next steps you can put in place.

Tech leaders: You’re on the hook for digital transformation results. It’s in your best interest to actively plan how to get your technical workforce from where it is today to wherever you need it to be to successfully implement your vision.

L&D leaders: Sometimes technology teams throw learning-related requests over the wall in a transactional way—“we need a Terraform class” or “we want our team AWS certified.” If your organisation’s future depends on a successful digital transformation, engage your technology counterparts when strategizing.

In the top organisations, engineering leaders and learning professionals work together to define the technology skill development strategy (TSD).

Let’s get started.

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