Top trends and takeaways from RSA Security Conference 2022

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Calendar icon Jun 21, 2022
Clock icon 1:00 PM MDT-2:00 PM MDT
Globe icon Americas

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Whether you missed the biggest cybersecurity conference of the year or you want to relive your favorite moments, you won’t want to miss this webinar for security leaders.

Join cybersecurity experts and RSA Conference 2022 speakers, Aaron Rosenmund and John Elliott, as they sit down with Pluralsight Cybersecurity Curriculum Manager, Bri Andersen and Sr. Security author Brandon DeVault. Together, they’ll share the top trends and takeaways from the RSA Security conference that you need to know.


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Agenda / Presenters

Aaron M. Rosenmund

Director of Security Research and Curriculum

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Aaron M. Rosenmund is a cybersecurity operations subject matter expert, with a background in federal and business defensive and offensive cyber operations and system automation. As an educator and cybersecurity researcher at Pluralsight, he’s focused on advancing the cybersecurity workforce and technologies for business and national enterprises alike.

Brandon DeVault

Sr. Security Author

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Brandon DeVault is a Sr. Security Author focusing on general blue team operations, incident response and threat hunting at Pluralsight. He’s also a member of the Florida Air National Guard and works as a threat hunter on a Mission Defense Team (MDT) defending North America’s air tracks. Brandon is also passionate about hardware hacking, soldering, hiking and currently holds the GCIA, GCED and Security+ certifications.

John Elliott

Pluralsight Author

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John Elliott is a respected cyber security, payments, risk and privacy specialist. He helps organizations balance risk and regulation with business needs. He was a member of the technical working groups of the PCI Security Standards Council and actively contributed to the development of many PCI standards including PCI DSS. John is particularly interested in how organizations or regulators assess trust in the cyber security and privacy posture between relying parties. A passionate and innovative communicator, he frequently presents at conferences, online and in boardrooms.

Bri Andersen

Curriculum Manager - Information and Cyber Security

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Bri Andersen has worked in IT and cybersecurity for over 6 years with a prior background in data collection and statistical analysis. She plans and writes the curriculum for Cyber and Information Security training content at Pluralsight. She holds a bachelor’s degree in InfoSystems and Technologies and Sec+ and Pentest+ certifications.

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